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real rate return calculator

Real rate of return calculates Actual Return and Real Rate of Return of your investments for fixed period of time after adjusting for the estimated inflation rate in the economy.
1)Annuity 2)Bonds 3)Creidrepayment 4)Incometax 5)Loanmortgage
6)Mortgage 7)Multipurpose 8)Realrateofreturn 9)Requiringdeposit 10)Reversemortgage
11)Scientific 12)Servicetax 13)Stock 14)Systematicinvestment 15)Taxtool
16)VAT 17)Yieldtomaturity
  • Investment Amount
    Interest Rate
    Interest Compounding
    Period (months)
    Inflation rate
    Real Return *
    Real Rate of Return
    * Inflation rate compounded yearly.