Service tax calculator

Service tax can calculates Service Tax, Educational Cess and Secondary and Higher Education Cess on Service amount
1)Annuity 2)Bonds 3)Creidrepayment 4)Incometax 5)Loanmortgage
6)Mortgage 7)Multipurpose 8)Realrateofreturn 9)Requiringdeposit 10)Reversemortgage
11)Scientific 12)Servicetax 13)Stock 14)Systematicinvestment 15)Taxtool
16)VAT 17)Yieldtomaturity
  • Amount of Service
    If availing abatement, select service type
    Abatement %ge for Selected Service
    Abatement Amount
    Taxable amount of Service
    Service Tax
    Swatch Bharat Cess
    Krishi Kalyan Cess
    Total (S.Tax + Cesses)