Stock calculator

Stock calculator can calculates Net and Annualized return of your investment in stocks
1)Annuity 2)Bonds 3)Creidrepayment 4)Incometax 5)Loanmortgage
6)Mortgage 7)Multipurpose 8)Realrateofreturn 9)Requiringdeposit 10)Reversemortgage
11)Scientific 12)Servicetax 13)Stock 14)Systematicinvestment 15)Taxtool
16)VAT 17)Yieldtomaturity
  • No. of scrips
    Date of purchase 
    Date of sale 
    Purchase price / scrip
    Sale Price / scrip
    Dividend received
    Brokerage + Tax
    Net Return
    Annualized Return