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VAT calculator

VAT calculator can calculates VAT on inputs / Purchase, VAT on Output / sale and net amount of VAT payable to Government Authorities
1)Annuity 2)Bonds 3)Creidrepayment 4)Incometax 5)Loanmortgage
6)Mortgage 7)Multipurpose 8)Realrateofreturn 9)Requiringdeposit 10)Reversemortgage
11)Scientific 12)Servicetax 13)Stock 14)Systematicinvestment 15)Taxtool
16)VAT 17)Yieldtomaturity
  • (Enter 'VAT Rate' and 'Price'
    or 'VAT Rate' and 'Price + VAT')
    VAT on Input / Purchases
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    VAT on Output / Sales
    Total Purchases
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    Total VAT on Input / Purchases
    Total VAT on Output / Sales
    Net VAT payable